AAD L2: Shoot fast… or go home

Match day!
And what a day! We had fun, a lot of fun!

Six stages, 107 rounds minimum, 33 competitors from 5 different countries. All of them were very nice people with a heart for the game!

Thank you players for being part of this beautiful weekend!
And of course a special thanks for the crew who made it all happen!!

The results:

  • Standard
    1. Joeri De Haes
    2. Arno De Clerck
    3. Yoran De Clerck
  • Open
    1. Nic Wuyts
    2. Stephan Van Hauwe
    3. Wai Lam
  • Production
    1. Michel Collet
  • Standard Lady
    1. Lani De Haes
    2. Jasmien De Krem
    3. Richelle Cheron
  • Standard Senior
    1. Kervyn Orinx
    2. Guy De Backer
    3. Geert Van de Vyver

For full results see https://shootnscoreit.com/ipsc/results/match/9515/selection/

The stages:

The Maze
Mister T.
Less than 2 seconds
Double Trouble
Fast 4
Around the corner

Shooter, stand by ………. BEEP: